Soft tools to create hard resultswearhouse.gif
  • Give your mind a hand with Lego Serious Play
  • William Shakespeare coaches your leaders in moments of truth with Olivier   Mythodrama
  • Coach a toxic organization into a healthy place with Hvardagens Dramatik
  • Jazzbands and teams, closer than you think (Judith Lorick)
  • A strategy, a stage and a story: Story telling  by Georgio Pauen
  • Values, mission, teams: paint it before you can do it (Jörg Reckhenrich)
  • Stronger than adrenaline: Outdoors with a purpose and a lesson to learn
  • We’re all in the same boat: using maxi sail ships for team building (Olivier   Fercocq and Inspiring Performance)
  • Inseads EIS change management simulation
Hard tools to measure soft stuffwarehouse2.gif

  • 360 feedback tools (from PDI, MRG and others) to get a solid foundation for any learning agenda 
  • Personality Inventories: Personal Directions, MBTI, Career Concepts, CPP, etc. solid maps to explore yourself 
  • Measuring Culture: Denison, LEA culture, etc. roadmaps to know what to change - what to keep in your present culture 
  • Team tools: the TDD  (cf team page) – to build a project organisation , or when you get tired of silos, turf wars and poor teamwork 
  • Assessment & Development Centre design/delivery: map & develop your valuable talent, while assessing their potential
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