The total team immersion experience:team.gif

We offer a 5 days intensive residential team booster program targeted at single intact teams, project, or management teams as well as groups of team leaders eager to jump ahead of the curve
During the 5 days, participants will:

  • explore and practice indoor and outdoor the range of leadership skills required at the different stages of a teams' lifecycle
  • receive feedback on their own style and its impact on others 
  • discover and use their own team diagnostic report 
  • learn to work with a series of team building toolsb 
  • study the specifics of particular teams: remote, multicultural, etc. 
  • learn hands on to practice coaching and difficult conversations 
  • get familiar with widely used tools like MBTI, Belbin, etc and methodologies like Appreciative Inquiry
  • get significant quality coaching time on a one on one basis
  • take home a thorough action plan for transfer to their own team
"Building and leading a high performance team is a different exercise, requiring you to learn a new range of behaviours and mindsets: coach, enabler, facilitator, story teller, customers advocate, intrapreneur, artist in relationships and strategist"
Most companies today are moving to project based organisations, yet the toolkits available for building teams faster and better is limited. This was our driver to develop a unique organic approach:team1.gif

The web based TDD: Team Dynamics Diagnostic ™

  • A true team 360, and an innovative measurement of a team's ecosystem, involving team members, sponsors, clients, vendors, etc.
  • Measuring 4 dimensions of Teams:
    • the Performance planet
    • the People planet
    • the Process planet
    • the Leadership planet
  • Supported by a comprehensive development process
  • Grounded in research (Katzenbach, "Wisdom of Teams")
  • Using a model tested with over 300 team leaders and executives 
  • Combines well with classic learning boosters such as outdoor exercises, sailing boats sessions, theatre, simulations, etc


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