"Our people and network": mobilising collective Intelligence

In the knowledge economy, using the right networks & communities of practice is the best source of competitive advantage. Why and how?network.gif
  • networks are faster because it took time to build them, and their members stay connected 24/7 with each other and with other networks
  • they offer consistency and quality, because they selected each other on just these charracteristics
  • they are used to teamwork, they are built on trust & reciprocity
  • they are competitive, because they know who to reach, and they carry low overhead costs

But there is a also price to pay: don’t cheat or be greedy with a network!

  • they build on the principle, if I give 1, I can get 10, so you have to give first (and unlearn that old Adam Smith steam engine thinking)
  • treat a network well, and it will continue to help you in bad times, while predatory behaviour will cost you your reputation with multiple networks
  • to use a network, you need to be part of it, and play by its rules
"In the knowledge creation economy, belonging and access are far more important that ownership and contro"Jeremy Rifkin
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