• In a world plagued by supply overcapacity, differentiation and value creation start by creating internal growth opportunities through serving customers better than the competition. Innovation and creativity seem to be the main keys to unlocking these internal opportunities and sharpening your edge 
  • For most people, innovation is a black art confined in a secret part of R&D or Design Labs. But research and business evidence show there are many more types of innovation, from business model (how do we get paid?) to channel innovation or offering new customer experience (an approach developed by the Doblin group). 
  • How do most innovative companies bring discipline and method around such a fluffy field as "innovation"? And how do you orchestrate the encounter between innovation and creativity
  • We work with a specialist of the Doblin landscapes, but can also combine with other frameworks like the “Good to Great” models or the “5th discipline field-book
"Value creation happens in the strange place where creative genius meets dedicated craftsmanship and humble discipline to trigger passion in the heart of an unsuspecting public"

We have created a compact 3 + 1 day workshop for executives enabling you to:innovation1.gif

  • Learn one of the most powerful models of innovation available today: the Doblin landscapes.
  • Discover the areas in which your competitors are not innovating, and explore a new world of business possibilities
  • Uncover and test your own imaginations and creativity to grasp how they work and use them more
  • Get inspired and moved by discussions with outstanding creators and innovators, on their way to excellence
  • Build and lead innovation teams through the organisational jungle of implementing the project you have identified and selected.
  • Return home with a clear innovation roadmap, and a compelling story to win the hearts and minds of everyone involved

"Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it.." Boldness has genius, power and magic in it" - Goethe

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