DESIGN and co-create integrated learning solutions

We help you to create programmes and learning solutions, from compact briefing modules to complete curricula based on a keen understanding of:
  • your business drivers and deliverables of your initiatives/projects 
  • the resources and knowledge readily available to your target audience, and a systematic use of assessments of current state 
  • the need to offer a wide range of learning vehicles/activities to accommodate different learning styles 
  • a clear agreement with you on all aspects of casting and staging 
  • the importance of managing expectations with clever communication, relevant pre-work and engaging post activities 
  • a special care for the parameters of context to enable the transfer of learning (the organic approach to enablers and blockers) 
  • a deep held belief that working, playing and learning are three different and necessary facets of any sustainable development
"The human mind is not an empty bucket to be filled but a fire to be lit" - Seneca
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