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CREATIVITY – turning the battlefield into a garden

Your preferred clients are changing, they are smarter, better educated, and more demanding than ever before (cf Richard Florida's best seller « the rise of the creative class »)creativity1.gif

Your own creative talent is changing too, and most companies are poorly equipped to assess, attract and keep alive the creative talent they need
Creativity like intelligence has many faces, it is not a monolithic gift for the few,

Creativity techniques can kill creativity, so we merely dis-uncumber and dis-cover the creativity that is already there, collecting dust. We base our approach on the combination of playing, learning and working described by Jean Piaget

We use a variety of learning vehicles, like story telling, drama, mythology, Lego SeriousPlay, group painting, music, etc. in a collective dis-covery of your own imagination, creativity, talent, virtuosity and genius.

We also “kill a few darlings”, and myths about creativity and conflict


Articles of Interest:

doc The World is Going Creative, Your Customers and Employees Too

 Creativity is the ability to instantly recall your childhoods mindsets
 Charles Baudelaire

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