COACHING - the existential approach

Over the last 10 years, executive and leadership coaching have earned their legitimacy in most organisations developmental toolkit. We observe three parallel trends in today’s best practices:coaching1.gif
  1. Coaching executives for balance and "grounding in the world"
  2. Turning middle and senior managers into coaches
  3. Demanding more consistency & frameworks from the coaches
1. Coaching executives for balance and grounding

We can help you build a programmatic approach to coaching and provide access to one of the finest pool of international coaches with a solid track record from leading institutions

  •  We use "existential coaching frameworks" based on the works of Viktor Frankl,   Irvin Yalom, James Hillman, Emmy van Deurzen.
  • We help executives to regain a contagious "sense of purpose", tell compelling   stories and help others to create meaning at work.
  • We like to combine this approach with some of the best available personality   inventories to offer a safe and reliable exploration of the world of   personality,motivation and identity.
"Time is the only thing we can own, the rest is borrowed " Seneca
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